This court is headed to the left (read)

Published in The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Sunday, July 24, 2005

Twelve Angry Men (read)

Written in 2002 while a Texas court considered allowing jury deliberations to be filmed, this article still reads well today.

I am not ashamed (read)

Should I be embarrased to be British and ashamed of the British Empire?

An old man in a hurry (read)

Written in 2001, this still stands up. The terms of the debate have not changed at all.

Supporters of European integration believe their ideas are "inevitable". What if they are wrong?

What is the European Army for? (read)

Published in Investor’s Business Daily, 28 December 2000 - Why does the European Union need an army, and what is it for?

Will Kostunica restore Yugoslavia’s monarchy? (read)

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle in November 2000 - Could Yugoslavia's President restore the monarchy? Since this article was written the Crown Prince has returned to Serbia and had his property restored.

Where is Augustus? (read)

Written in January 2000 this article is a desperate call for real leadership and reform in Russia. I was unconvinced then by Vladimir Putin, and we now know that his "reforms" have been centralising and authoritarian. Russia still awaits a hero of Augustan proportions.

If Boris Yeltsin is Mark Antony, where is Augustus?

Head of what? (read)

Written in 1998, when America was impeaching its President.

The American confusion between Head of State and Head of Government is damaging

The trouble with nationalised churches (read)

American Atheists support the separation of church and state and Christians tend to oppose it - have they both got it wrong?

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