Gordon Brown is in trouble (read)

Dateline 21 November 2007

There is no doubt that British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is in trouble.

After ten years as Chancellor (Treasury Secretary) and effectively (but not formally) Tony Blairís Deputy, he finally took over the top job in June. To refresh the government he cleared out some of Blairís top allies and moved almost every surviving cabinet minister to a new post. It worked. The government looked new for a while. He managed to look appropriately serious in the face of natural disasters such as summer floods and farm animal disease scares. He was popular. Speculation about an early election reached fever pitch.

Anthony Blair, you have the right to remain silent . . . (read)

Dateline 10 January 2007

"Anthony Blair, you have the right to remain silent, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention now something you later seek to rely on in court. Anything you do say will be written down and given in evidence." Actually, it wasnít quite like that. Tony Blair was questioned by the police, but not under caution. We are thus to assume that he was questioned as a possible witness to a crime and not as a suspect. He is, nonetheless, the first British Prime Minister in the 250-year history of the office to be questioned as part of a criminal investigation.

Is this opportunism I see before me? (read)

Labour claims it is being tough on terrorism and accuses it foes of opportunism. Tough on human rights would be more accurate.

I know who I am. It isnít anyone elseís business. (read)

Since I wrote this, almost nothing has changed, except the government's majority has been cut by 96.

Another page torn from the Magna Carta (read)

Now Labour abolishes the right to a trial

I am the Law Ė I am Judge Dredd (read)

Labour abolishes the presumption of innocence

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