Property in the USA (read)

In 2001 a leftist named Thomas Andrews posted a message to Usenet which accused America's founding fathers of theft, for taking land which belonged either to George III or to native Americans. His purpose was to mock libertarian notions of property

Life on other planets? (read)

In October 1998 someone posted to the usenet group the question as to whether is life on other planets. I had a go at answering.

The right to withdraw capital (read)

If there is a "right" to withdraw labour, is there a similar "right" to withdraw capital?

End of term report (read)

Just half a year into Bush's first term, how was he progressing?

Why American Football remains American (read)

Is there a route to popularise American Football abroad?

Architectural crimes against humanity (read)

Who is the bigger threat today: a Nazi war criminal or a British town planner?

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