Book review: How to win an election by Paul Richards (read)

Book review for Campaigns & Elections

Japan heads for a two-party system? (read)

. . . and other stories. Further international news for Campaigns & Elections

Upcoming elections (read)

Published in Campaigns & Elections, January 2004

Swiss election produces first change in government since 1959 (read)

Published in Campaigns & Elections in January 2004

Should Cheney resign? (read)

Is there a case for the Veep's resignation? And if he does, what will happen?

How might John Mcain mobilize Republican voters? (read)

Dateline: 15 February 2006

In 2000 John McCain joked that when he first arrived in New Hampshire his poll rating was two percent and the margin of error was four percent. But by the time of the primary – he had chosen to skip the earlier Iowa caucuses – he was running second in the polls to Iowa winner, George W Bush, and in the actual vote he pulled off a stunning victory.

Is Ohio turning round? (read)

Dateline: 17 February, 2006

My article “What’s going on in Ohio?” looked at how the long-dominant state Republican Party seemed to be throwing away its lock on the state. Larry J Sabato of Crystal Ball still has the state down as leaning to a change of parties in this gubernatorial election. Certainly, both the governorship and the US Senate seat are in play in November, but I differ from Sabato’s assessment that the Democrats are ahead in the race for the state house.

Ten reasons the elections in Iraq will be successful (read)

Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and the Manchester Union Leader, this article also lead to interviews on American radio stations from Washington to Texas

How much support do Iraqi terrorists actually have? (read)

Is it possible to measure the support for Iraqi terrorism?

Koizumi and Merkel – the next Reagan and Thatcher? (read)

Could the economies that missed out on the last wave of market reforms lead the world into a new market led boom?

The second iron lady? (read)

Is Angela Merkel Europe’s second iron lady? Here are some questions and answers that may help to clarify.

What is going on in Ohio? (read)

The famously decisive state of the 2004 elections could turn out to be a key battleground in 2006 and 2008, so the answer potentially affects all Americans.

Is there a case for electoral reform? (read)

A Common Sense look at America's voting system

Parliament dissolved (read)

Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 01 May 2005

Election Review (read)

Published in Public Affairs News - electoral post mortem

Myths and reality in the election (read)

A British election campaign in full swing . . . but what is actually happening?

Playing the racist card (read)

Playing the racist card appeals to some of the lowest elements of society . . . journalists

Reform the College? (read)

The Electoral College has always been one of the most controversial parts of the US constitution, this article, published in Accountancy Age, reviews options for reform

The Preston, Glasgow Anniesland and West Bromwich West by-elections (read)

In 1999 the media projected from a safe Conservative seat, this time they use safe Labour seats

Why Microsoft, not PwC, is worth fighting for in US vote (read)

Article published in Accountancy Age the week before the Presidential elections

The Kensington & Chelsea by-election (read)

After the Kensington & Chelsea by election in 1999 people tried to project to a general election result . . . and the BBC gets it wrong

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