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The editor's selection of blogs and related resources, regularly updated and including British, American, and global political analysis and commentary. As ever, a strong emphasis on elections and psephology. Updated 02 January 2007.

Libertarian Republican An interesting blog by one of America's leading libertarian Republicans, Eric Dondero.

Eric Dondero's Mainstream libertarian site.

Counterspin a sharp new blog by Oliver Hawkins.

Ogre’s View one of the most popular conservative blogs in America.

Combs spouts off a well-written libertarian blog with a strong focus on global affairs.

Vantage Point a libertarian blog from India.

Americans for Freedom a blog campaigning for freedom and democracy worldwide.

Psycmeistr’s Ice Palace a conservative educator’s foray into blogging.

Brainshavings an intelligent blog by an Ohio conservative.

MyElectionAnalysis Interesting American psephological blog – though I notice I still have the only blog tagged ‘psephology’ at Technorati.

Dave’s not here an American Milblog.

Hugh Hewitt American political author.

Ideoblog Larry E Ribstein, American law professor and blogger.

Debbie Schlussel noted American commentator.

Republican Jen Conservative blogress from Houston.

Little Green Footballs Leading Conservative blog in the US.

Michelle Malkin US blogress with a cult following.

PowerLine Rated as one of America's most influential blogs.

Citizen Journal Conservative Political Forum in the US.

Iraq The Model Leading Iraqi blog.

Rightwinged Particularly good at exposing media bias

Political Dogs Steve & Dave presenting libertarian and conservative views from the US.

War Chick Resa Laru Kirkland, an American military historian and activist.

Young Conservatives A group of young American conservatives with hard-hitting views.

Blairwatch Chronicling the demise of New Labour.

Legal Redux Another leading blog on law and politics, this time by a number of commentators.

Professor Bainbridge Wide-ranging and intelligent look at law and politics by Professor Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA.

Taking Aim Interesting new blog by Andy Young.

Chris Whiteside interesting blog by an old friend of mine – a Parliamentary candidate in Copeland and a councillor in St Albans.

Knowledge Problem highly intelligent blogging on economics from Dr Lynne Kiesling.

Dodegblogium a British political blog of exceptional quality.

Atlas Shrugs an informative and interesting blog by Pamela Geller Oshry. The name comes from the libertarian novel by the objectivist, Ayn Rand.

Laban Tall a political blog by a fellow Brit.

Biased BBC those of you frustrated by the metropolitan left bias of the BBC, you are not alone.

Iain Dale an intelligent commentator on the liberal wing of the Conservative Party.

Reliable Answers a conservative blog with a mass of links and resources

Political Pit Bull a hardhitting conservative blog from the US.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds’s influential American blog.

Breadhead a blog by my friend and colleague from Cardiff University, Gary Merrill. If you agree with my ideas, you won’t often agree with his, but there are pretty cogent and interesting arguments in there.

Patrick Ruffini a powerful voice among the younger, libertarian minded, Republicans, and one of the GOP’s finest web strategists.

Jenny D a US-based educational blog by Jenny DeMonte, former journalist, current academic, and my sister-in-law.

Citizen Outreach political campaigner, Chuck Muth, demonstrates the true power of the Internet. His daily blog “News & Views” can be read online or subscribed by e-mail.

Wordsmyth Michael Ekin-Smyth’s website, replete with comment on world affairs. Michael is a very talented writer, especially of speeches, and is available for hire. He has recently joined me on the faculty at the University of Cardiff.

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