The Plame kerfuffle

Considering that the incident began when someone in the Bush administration revealed a case of nepotism by a CIA employee - something that should not, in the ordinary course of events, be covered up - the Plame kerfuffle has aroused tremendous anger. People want there to have been a crime committed, even when the evidence points the other way.

Of all the subjects I have written on, this is the one that arouses the largest response from readers.

Why should this be? No-one was hurt, threatened or endangered. The self-described victim of 'revenge' has made a fortune from book sales as a result of his martyrdom act. And it should have been perfectly obvious from the beginning that this would be so.

Critics seem to believe that Karl Rove - whose involvement in the leak is purely speculative anyway - is simultaneously an evil genius, and also stupid enough to inflict million dollar royalty checks on Joe Wilson in 'revenge'.

How very odd!

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