The fallout from corruption

The Jack Abramoff scandal will continue to roll, and it is not clear who is going to get hit.

Already Tom Delay, who had stepped aside from his leadership role in the House over an unrelated - probably spurious, and certainly partisan - prosecution has had to resign.

Polls suggest that more people blame both parties equally than blame one or other mainly for corruption in Washington. However, of those who blame one party in the main, more blame the Republicans than the Democrats. This is hardly surprising as the GOP runs both houses of Congress and the White House.

So who will be hit? The Republicans? All incumbents? Of course, the party that ought to get off lighter in any corruption scandal should be the one that advocates cutting the role of government. The smaller the role of government the less scope for corruption. If people don't trust Washington why would they vote to give it more power?

This factor could be a potent vote winner in November, if only there was a party which advocated cutting the role of government.

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