More Liberal chaos

Now that the only liberal candidate for the leadership of the so-called Liberal Democrat Party has withdrawn, it seems there was a scandal lurking in his background, as well as a total lack of support from his fellow 'liberals'.

Apparently, a man who criticised a judge for having an affair with rentboys was himself having an affair with a rentboy.

Of course, the 'boy' was 23 years old, and the affair was entirely consensual. No-one appears to be suggesting therefore, that Mark Oaten has done anything wrong. Stupid, hypocritical, and possibly dishonest, but certainly not illegal or harmful.

Some Liberal Democrats were until recently pointing at the Conservative leadership election, and hoping theirs would benefit them as much. That seems pretty unlikely now. So far it has revealed a lack of direction, a brace of embarrassing scandals, and deep divisions over fundamental issues. I can't imagine that the party is looking forward to the local elections in May.

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