LibDem by-election triumph

The LibDems have to be the only party in the country which can be fight a by-election in the middle of a chaotic leadership election, a vicious split, and total confusion about its actual purpose, and still pull off a stunning victory.

Leaderless, hopeless, suffering defections, in polling freefall and totally without direction, the LibDems soared ahead of Labour to win a 'safe'seat in, Chancellor, Gordon Brown's backyard. The seat is not only adjacent to Brown's, before boundary changes he represented most of it and he even lives their.

Labour's leader in waiting personally organised the campaign, and dragged so many Labour MPs up from Westminster that the Party lost a major in Parliament last week. It turned out not to be Labour's last slap in the face.

You have to give them credit, they may no know what to do with power, but the LibDems certainly know how to win by-elections.

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