George Galloway

So the US Senate has now uncovered a whole new pile of evidence documenting the links between Saddam Hussein and George Galloway. Galloway, of course, denies everything, and according to the BBC attributed the investigation to a "lickspittle Republican committee, acting on the wishes of George Bush". Even the BBC could not let this pass, as it was a unanimous report by a bi-partisan committee. What they did not say is how much it reveals about the massive egotism of George Galloway. I doubt that George Bush has ever heard of Galloway. The BBC did, however, say the documents were different from the "apparently forged" documents used by the Telegraph. There is not the slightest evidence, other than the unsupported assertions of Mr Galloway, that any of the Telegraph's documents were forged. And even Galloway does not claim to know who forged them. Or, he could have added, why. The Telegraph's coverage seems to have implied some things that went beyond what the documents showed. Even without the corroborative evidence which has now turned up it seems massively unlikely that the Telegraph's documents were forged. The Telegraph has permission to appeal the verdict.

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