The Kennedys and war

Ted Kennedy has written a book in which he, apparently, compares the war in Iraq with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. If he really equates the Coalition with the Axis Powers, then why is he so hostile to Operation Iraqi Freedom? His father, after all, was America's most prominent supporter of the Axis.

Joseph P Kennedy consistently opposed America joining the war, at least on the Allied side. When his eldest son was killed, he reacted just like Cindy Sheehan. Instead of concluding that Joe Jnr had died in a noble cause, he blamed the President for getting America involved in the war.

In 1938, when serving as Ambassador to London, Kennedy had a meeting with the German Ambassador, at which he expressed sympathy for the Nazi's anti-Jewish policies. In fairness, he said that without knowing about Auschwitz or Belsen, as the Holocaust did not begin for several more years. His comments did, however come after Kristallnacht, and an extensive range of discriminatory laws.

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