Kennedy to sue police

Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D. RI) is to sue the District of Columbia Police for drunkenly steering their unlit crash barrier into his car. Congressman Kennedy claims that the police officers driving the barrier were "obviously drunk, staggering around quite out of control," but he was nonetheless prevented from administering the standard sobriety tests.

Congressman Kennedy has checked into the Mayo Clinic, where he is receiving treatment for injuries he sustained in the accident.

Former Congressman Bill Janklow (R. SD), now released from prison following his own drink driving incident, condemned the move by Kennedy, claiming that "the Kennedy family sees itself as royalty". This produced an objection from Buckingham Palace, which pointed out that Princess Anne was fined for speeding in 2001. "The Royal Family neither expects nor receives," a Palace spokesman stated, "the sort of favourable treatment meted out to the Kennedys".

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