The Book of Mormon

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article (requires subscription) about the possible impact of Mitt Romney's Mormonism on his bid for the Presidency. It is an interesting topic. With connections in the North East (he is Governor of Massachusetts), the Mid-West (his father was Governor of Michigan) and the West (Utah, obviously), combined with telegenic good looks and personal charisma, Romney is a credible candidate. Candidates from Massachusetts have traditionally done well in the key New Hampshire primary. This is followed a week later by a bank of six or seven primaries (Missouri is the largest, and South Carlolina the first test in the South) then almost immediately by Michigan - the first of the big states to vote. It is easy to map out a course for Romney in the early primaries which establishes him as front-runner. But the big question is over his appeal to evangelical Christians, especially in South Carolina. They will love his values. Can they forgive his 'heresy'?

But there is another question, unasked in the Journal's article. What will be the impact on Romney's campaign if the Democrats take the Senate in November? You see, Minority Leader, Harry Reid, is also a mamber of the LDS Church (as members prefer to be known). If the Senate Leader is LDS, will that affect the willingness of evangelicals to contemplate an LDS President?

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