Reshuffling the primary timetable

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A suggested timetable follows. In accordance with the following principles: it has mostly small states voting early, with the biggest states voting at the end; some preference is given to swing states and they tend to vote earlier; in the early weeks I try to cycle the four main regions; I try to balance red and blue states, but this conflicts with the rule that small states vote early and big states vote last. Florida is the first of the biggest states to vote, followed by Pennsylvania and Ohio, because they are all swing states. The biggest state in each region (none of which is especially close in presidential contests, except in unusual circumstances) votes last.

These are only general rules. Some smaller states, especially in the West, where most states are small, vote fairly late.

Please let me know if I have made any errors.

Date State EV

W3 Jan Iowa 7 (Caucus)
W4 Jan Nevada 5 (Caucus)
W1 Feb New Hampshire 4 (First primary)
W2 Feb South Carolina 8
W3 Feb Kansas 6
W4 Feb Oregon 7
W1 Mar Vermont 3
W2 Mar West Virginia 5
W3 Mar South Dakota 3
W4 Mar Alaska 3
W1 Apr Delaware 3
W2 Apr New Mexico 5
W3 Apr Alabama 9
Arizona 10
Indiana 11
Maryland 10
W4 Apr Hawaii 4
Wisconsin 10
Rhode Island 4
Mississippi 6
W1 May Arkansas 6
Colorado 9
Maine 4
Missouri 9
W2 May Montana 3
Nebraska 5
Oklahoma 7
North Dakota 3
Connecticut 7
Kentucky 8
Virginia 13
W3 May Wyoming 3
Washington 11
New Jersey 15
Michigan 17
Florida 27
W4 May Minnesota 10
Massachusetts 12
Louisiana 9
Tennessee 11
Idaho 4
Utah 5
W1 Jun Georgia 15
North Carolina 15
Ohio 20
Pennsylvania 21
W2 Jun California 56
New York 31
Texas 33
Illinois 21

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