George Lucas is unbelievable

Apparently George Lucas thinks the paralells between Iraq and Vietnam are "unbelievable". He's right. The Vietnam War lasted nine years; that Iraq could last this long: unbelievable! America lost the Vietnam War; that America could lose in Iraq: unbelievable! South Vietnam began with a corrupt and somewhat autocratic government and ended with a particularly vicious totalitarian dictatorship; that Iraq could end up with a government worse than before: unbelievable. Post-war Vietnam set up concentration camps for the ethnic Chinese, causing most to flee the country on rafts; that Iraq will do the same to Kurds: unbelievable! America fought the Vietnam War with conscripts; that it will bring back the draft to fight in Iraq: unbelievable! Lucas is right, the paralells being peddled by Kerry, Moore, the New York Times and CNN: unbelievable.

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