A political rock star?

I confess, I am not really sure what a political rock star is, or how to spot one. I began to investigate the career and background of the new Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, for two reasons.

1. Some people have said she is a libertarian leaning Republican. That doesn't suit everyone, but it suits me.

2. It has been suggested that she is the hottest woman in politics. The redoubtable AChance memorably described her decision to wear glasses and tie back her hair for the gubernatorial debate as making her look like the librarian in a porn film.

Unfortunately, it seems she is a rock star, and not in a good way. She has four children called Track, Willow, Bristol and Piper. Willow and Piper may be marginally acceptable, and I suppose even Track is better 'Moonbuggy', or whatever it was Frank Zappa called his kid, but someone needs to tell her those just aren't names.

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