How to judge a candidate

What should we look for in a presidential candidate? An impressive résumé could help. How do the current candidates stack up. Judging here merely by how many boxes they tick, the order would be as follows:

1. Bill Richardson
2. Tommy Thompson
3. Rudy Giuliani
4. Mitt Romney
5. Newt Gingrich

No-one else seeking the post has any relevant experience. It is worth noting that neither of the top two candidates is seen as being in the top tier by their respective parties. Other highly qualified candidates such as Mark Warner, Evan Bayh and Tom Vilsack have already pulled out, while Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour have decided to take a pass.

Then what about policy? Here it is a bit of a one horse race:

1-6. Newt Gingrich
7. Mitt Romney
8. Rudy Giuliani

No Democrats qualify for this list.


1. Rudy Giuliani
2. Barack Obama
3. Mitt Romney
4. John Edwards
5. John McCain
6. Newt Gingrich
7. Hillary Clinton
8. Bill Richardson

The jury is still out on Fred Thompson. I have him pencilled in towards the middle of the list, but I am not yet sure.

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