McCain turns up to work

John McCain cast a vote in the Senate yesterday. Hardly big news, as he has been a member of "the world's greatest deliberative body" for over 20 years. But, on this occasion his presence there was noteworthy. It was the first time in six weeks.

Since reporting the lowest fundraising totals of any major candidate this year, McCain has been pretty heavily focussed on raising money for his Presidential campaign. He has since missed 46 votes in a row.

As someone who believes that America, like almost every other country, has too much government, any politician being absent from Washington is something to be celebrated. Except that McCain was allowing the new majority - a majority of two, remember, one of whom has been absent on health grounds all year - to push through some damaging legislation.

McCain is one of the few Senators who speaks out against corporate welfare. But shouldn't he actually DO something about it. He has a vote in the Senate, after all. If only he would use it.

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