Job interviews for President

I am so impressed by Bill Richardson's 'job interview' ads, that I can't help wondering how they would go for other candidates. First, if you have not seen them, view here.

John Kerry's in 2004 would have been quite fun.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mr Kerry. Your résumé has over 20 pages describing a job you did for four months about thirty years ago. It doesn't really mention what you have been doing since. Do you think you could elaborate?

How about Hillary Clinton

Interviewer: I see you have six years as a Senator, before that you were unemployed for eight years. I have to tell you we get a lot of Senators applying every time this job is vacant, and they rarely impress. What's the largest organisation you have ever run? Your Senate office . . . mmmm . . . doesn't really compare to the US Federal government, does it? Oh, you mean you think you should be considered because of your husband's qualifications? Well, if I want medical advice I ask a doctor, not someone who is married to a doctor . . .

Or John McCain

Interviewer: Ah, yes, I remember you from eight years ago. I think I pointed out that we were looking for decision making and leadership experience. So I imagine you have used the last eight years to extend your experience in an executive role?

Or Barack Obama

Interviewer: I see you are against cynicism and in favour of hope. That's nice. I was nonetheless hoping for some concrete examples of executive experience. You know the sort of thing? New Mexico, Massachusetts, New York? We get them all in here. What have you run?

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