Responses to the Bhutto assassination:

Rudy Giuliani: “This is terrorism and I was America’s Mayor on 9/11. 9/11”.

Hillary Clinton: “I knew Benazir Bhutto. You wouldn’t believe how many people I know. Obama doesn’t know anyone”.

Barack Obama: “It is all because the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton axis of evil invaded Iraq”.

John Edwards: “There are two Pakistans, just like there are two Americas”.

Ron Paul: “The US Constitution did not authorize this assassination, therefore it didn’t happen”.

John McCain: “The answer is more troops. Sorry, what was the question again?”

Mike Huckabee: “Bena-who? I was a pastor. I am a Christian leader. Romney is a Satanist”.

Mitt Romney: “You’ll notice that no-one was assassinated at the Salt Lake Olympics. I’m only saying”.

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