Karl Rove and Valerie Plame

So now we apparently know. Karl Rove was the whistle-blower on Valerie Plame's nepotistic activities. We also know that the legal investigations are a pointless sham. The law preventing the leaking of CIA operatives was designed to protect the lives of agents overseas from actions that deliberately put them at risk. It was not designed to cover up nepotism or any other malpractice. There was no breach of the law.

We know that, despite the hysterical ravings of Joe Wilson, and other partisan Democrats, Rove's motive was not revenge against Wilson. After all, neither Wilson nor Plame has suffered any negative consequence. Indeed, Wilson has gained an even bigger platform for his lies about how he got the job and about Niger. Rove's motive was simple. He had to explain why a partisan Democrat has been appointed to a politically sensitive role during an election year. He explained it, and the CIA needs to tighten up its procedures.

So this is what needs to happen now. The legal harrassment of journalists needs to stop. No law was broken by Rove. Contempt of court in an investigation that should never have been started is a pretty minor thing, so Miller needs to be released. Wilson can stop lying, and the mainstream media can stop treating him as though he were someone with something useful to say.

Oh, and one other thing. Plame should be fired. She abused her position for financial gain - albeit via her husband. It was not a crime, but it is unforgiveable in someone supposedly dedicated to national security.

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