Catholic governance

The model of governance of the Roman Catholic church is very dated and would not be considered acceptable in any other institution. It takes a 75% vote to choose a Pope. The last time one was elected fully one third of the Cardinals were Italian. It is hardly surprising that Italians had dominated the Papacy when it was mathematically impossible to get elected without at least some Italian support. The leadership of the church did not travel and the Italians formed a block of voters who knew each other. There was much speculation that the choice of a Pole simply would not have happened if it had not been the second time the College of Cardinals had met that year. There is talk that this time the College will elect a Pope with the understanding that he will agree to a retirement age. Perhaps one or more of the candidates will pitch this as an option to the College. Though it is not clear that candidates actually do pitch to the College. Better, would be some sort of conciliar leadership, with the College meeting regularly, and perhaps the election of a couple of deputy Popes.

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